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Join our march this Sunday, July 19th.

Why we need more resources for health

Join our march on 19 July 2009.
Time: 4 pm.
Venue: Starts at Kaizergracht,
ends at the Convention Centre.

Meet the NSP targets for HIV/TB treatment and prevention! Universal access now!


Global economic crisis threatens HIV prevention and treatment gains in poor countries

Geneva, July 6, 2009—In 22 countries in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and Central Asia, and Asia and Pacific, disruption of HIV prevention and treatment programs is expected over the course of this year as a result of the global economic crisis, according to a new report from UNAIDS and the World Bank, released today.

According to the new report, ‘The Global Economic Crisis and HIV Prevention and Treatment Programmes: Vulnerabilities and Impact’, reports from agency staff in 71 countries indicate that eight countries are already facing shortages of antiretroviral drugs or other disruptions to AIDS treatment. Together, these countries are home to more than 60% of people worldwide receiving AIDS treatment.

HIV prevention programs are also in jeopardy. In 34 countries, representing 75% of people living with HIV, respondents say there is already an impact on HIV prevention programmes focusing on high-risk groups such as sex workers, people who inject drugs and men who have sex with men.

This is a wake-up call which shows that many of our gains in HIV prevention and treatment could unravel because of the impact of the economic crisis,” said Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of UNAIDS.

Why we need more resources for health

Join our march on 19 July 2009. Time: 4 pm.
Venue: Starts at Kaizergracht, ends at the Convention Centre.

Theme: Meet the NSP targets for HIV/TB treatment and prevention! Universal access now!

We are marching to highlight the challenges of meeting the NSP targets and improving the HAART and PMTCT programmes, challenges that can only be overcome by increasing and better using resources for health.

Loss to the country, Saddened by the death of Dr Steve Andrews

Dr. Steve Andrews was a friend and doctor to many of TAC’s members and he will be greatly missed. Dr. Steve Andrews was a doctor committed to treatment for HIV and to providing excellent patient care. He was engaged in a number of HIV/AIDS organizations in South Africa and an ally in TAC’s campaign to reduce prices for treatment in South Africa. We would like to send our condolences to his family, Lala kahle Qabane, Rest in Peace Comrade Steve you will be remembered by your deeds.


The custom of ukuthwalwa is being abused in some remote areas of Lusikisiki. Once a custom of arranged marriages, ukuthwalwa has become a violent practise where young girls are being forced to marry older, widowed men may be HIV positive or have other sexually transmitted

African Activists Call on Leaders at the 2009 World Economic Forum on Africa to Prioritise Health Financing

On the 10th of June, 2009 TAC held a press conference that marked the beginning of our Resources for Health Campaign. Speakers at the press conference included Rebecca Hodes from the Treatment Action Campaign, Paula Akugizibwe from ARASA and Albert van Zyl from the International Budget Partnership. The press conference was held simultaneously to the start of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Cape Town. The press conference highlights demands from a coalition of African HIV and TB activists that the regions leaders guarantee the right to health, ensure that it is financed as a priority, and mobilize the additional resources needed to secure universal access to TB/HIV prevention, treatment and care.

AIDS Diarist Thembi Ngubane Dies

HIV/AIDS activist Thembisa Ngubane passed away last week. Thembi's radio diary sparked wide attention and made her an ambassador for UNICEF. Thembi was featured on CNN, met former US President Bill Clinton, talked to the ANC and visited HIV positive women in India. In November 2007 she was featured in the SABC 3's Special Assignment. Thembi made it her mission to raise awareness among her countrymen and in doing so became a global voice.

Monitoring UNGASS-AIDS Goals in Sexual and Reproductive Health

On June 8th and 9th, the UNGASS Forum South Africa was held in Cape Town. The goal of the forum was to begin a consolidation of an international advocacy push on women’s sexual reproductive health (SRH). The forum’s aims to strengthen awareness and encourage action on the community, national, regional, and global levels. The mobilizing social movements, HIV/AIDS donors, governments and UN agencies, the intended efforts for 2009 will focus on Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya, Nicaragua, Peru, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine and Uruguay.

Clarification on TAC's engagement with Swazi MP Myeni

Swaziland MP Timothy Myeni’s contacted TAC to apologise for his offensive statements regarding branding HIV-positive people's buttocks. TAC agreed to attend a press conference to hear his apologies. MP Myeni's staff offered TAC a donation as part of his apology, but TAC refused this offer.


TAC analyses President Zuma's 'State of the Nation' address. A positive aspect of the address included the recommitment of government to the NSP targets, although plans for implementation were not explained. Zuma's statement on social grants, however, was disappointing. The Chronic Illness Grant was not tabled as a possibility, despite its necessity in the context of South Africa's dual epidemics of TB/HIV.

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