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TAC and SECTION27 welcome the release of Integrated Support Team Consolidated Report

The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and SECTION27 incorporating the AIDS Law Project welcome Minister Motsoaledi's release of the Consolidated Report of the Integrated Support Team's (IST) review of the public health system. This report is the product of the ISTs that were commissioned by former Minister of Health, Barbara Hogan, in February 2009. The investigation was largely in response to TAC’s protest over the deadly five month moratorium on ARV initiation in the Free State.

The release of this report is a positive sign that the Minister wishes to work with civil society. Unfortunately but not unexpectedly the Report offers an honest and grim assessment of failing financial, management, human resource and monitoring and evaluation systems. However, the IST report also offers a set of recommendations that constitute a blueprint for rectifying the health system.

AIDS Organisations condemn blockages by FIFA and LOC to make condoms and health related information available in FIFA controlled

Leading South African AIDS organisations are today jointly condemning FIFA and the Local Organising Committee for blocking access to the distribution of condoms, and to HIV prevention and health related information within FIFA controlled stadia and Fan Fests during the forthcoming FIFA World Cup.


Why we need a strong Provincial AIDS Council in the Free State

On 3 June TAC, SECTION27 and partners are marching in the Free State. We are marching to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to ensure that the Free State meets the targets set under the National Strategic Plan (2007-2011). Also we are marching to ensure that the updated treatment guidelines and HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) campaign are properly implemented at a provincial and district level.

National government has shown the political will to address the HIV epidemic. This must be translated into political will and action at a provincial and district level.

To meet these targets the Free State must:
1. Establish a functional provincial AIDS council and implement the provincial strategic plan.
2. Establish and/or strengthen local and district AIDS councils and develop and implement district health plans.
3. The province must implement the monitoring and evaluation tool developed last year and strengthen monitoring and evaluation of the antiretroviral therapy and prevention of mother to child transmission programmes.
4. AIDS-denialism, which has been clearly banished at a national level, is unacceptable at a provincial level and must be removed from rhetoric.

Attached is a copy of the march memorandum.

TAC and partners welcome the release of Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza

The Treatment Action Campaign, SECTION27, the Social Justice Coalition, Community Media Trust and the Coalition Against Discrimination welcome the release and pardon of Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza in Malawi. The release of Tiwonge and Steven is an example of what can be achieved with coordinated global activism. These efforts must be sustained to promote and protect the rights of all LGBTI people.

TAC and partners announce universal access campaign

TAC and partners announce universal access campaign. Read more about our campaign activities and why we are marching for expanded funding to meet universal access to HIV treatment, prevention and care. Also included are letters from TAC and partners to South African President Jacob Zuma, United States President Barack Obama and United States Vice President Joe Biden.


Malawian court's cruel sentence

Leading activist organisations have condemned the cruel sentence by a Malawian magistrate imposed on Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, two men (one of whom is transgender and identifies as a woman) because they held a public engangement. They have been sentenced to 14 years in hard labour.

Letter to President Barack Obama from TAC and partners - why we need expanded funding for HIV

Letter to United States President Barack Obama from the Treatment Action Campaign, endorsed by the Congress of Southern African Trade Unions (COSATU), Medicins Sans Frontieres, Community Media Trust (CMT), SAfAIDS and SECTION27. We are calling for the United States to expand funding for Pepfar to meet commitments for universal access to HIV treatment, prevention and care.

TAC supports the HCT campaign

The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) supports the HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) Campaign, launched by President Jacob Zuma during April 2010. The HCT campaign aims to test 15 million people over the next 12 months and put us on path to meet our national targets to reduce new infections by 50% and provide treatment to 80% of people in need by 2011.

TAC is committed to furthering the objectives of the HCT campaign: to mobilize people to know their status; to support people with key prevention messaging in order to encourage them to take proactive steps towards a healthy lifestyle; to increase the incidence of health seeking behaviour; and to increase access to treatment, care and prevention services.

TAC actively works towards the achievement of these objectives in six priority districts: Ekurhuleni; Gert Sibande; Khayelitsha; O.R. Tambo; Mopani and uMgungundlovu. Click here for an overview of some of the activities that TAC has already begun to undertake in line with supporting the uptake and implementation of the HCT campaign.

Malawian Justice System Violates Human Rights

We condemn in the strongest terms the conviction of Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga in a court in Blantyre for committing so-called “unnatural acts”. Steven and Tiwonge were arrested in December 2009 after celebrating their engagement and have been in jail ever since.

Please sign the following petition demanding their release:

(Photo copyright: Reuters)

AIDS activists detained by Tanzanian Authorities at World Economic Forum on Africa

On Wednesday 5 May, the opening day of the World Economic Forum on Africa (WEF) in Dar Es Salaam, a group of nine AIDS activists from across the continent were detained for questioning by Tanzanian authorities after they handed over a memorandum entitled “Health is Wealth”, which emphasised the need for increased investment in health and particularly HIV, TB and Malaria in Africa, to two prominent speakers at the WEF.

Michaela Clayton, Director of the AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa expressed her concern about these actions on the part of the Tanzanian authorities, ‘which display a complete disregard for the right to freedom of expression in respect of the conveyance of a message as critical as this. Unless donors and national governments make more resources available there will be no universal access”.


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