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Money from mutilation: The Tara KLamp Story

A massive unethical medical intervention is unfolding in Kwazulu-Natal (KZN). It could harm many men. At the root of it is greed and also cowardice. We tell the story of the Tara KLamp in four parts. Beyond the details it is ultimately a simple story. The Kwazulu-Natal government is using an unsafe circumcision device that will injure thousands of men. The device has been sold to the state by unscrupulous business people with shady pasts. At the end of our story one question will remain unanswered, what motivated the KZN government to do this?


Declaration of the Civil Society Conference held on 27-28 October 2010, Boksburg

The Civil Society Conference held on 27-28 October 2010 was a historic turning point in the history of South Africa. Over 300 delegates from 56 mass-based civil society organisations, with a combined membership of millions of South Africans, came together to rebuild a strong, mass democratic movement which will work with the people and the government to tackle the massive social problems with which we are confronted.

Open letter and statement on Janet Love released by constitutional lawyers, legal academics, human rights and social justice activists.

As constitutional lawyers, legal academics, human rights and social justice activists who have worked with Janet Love while she has been the National Director of the Legal Resources Centre (LRC), we are surprised and dismayed by Premier Helen Zille’s implication that she will not act independently of narrow party politics in her capacity as a human rights commissioner. Under the leadership of Janet Love, the LRC has fought fearlessly for the rights of the poor and powerless, without favour to the ANC or any other political party.

TAC’s 5th National Congress: The struggle for treatment is far from over

The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) held its 5th National Congress on 21 and 22 October at the Birchwood Conference Center in Johannesburg. Voting delegates from TAC branches elected TAC's next National Executive Committee and made resolutions on TAC's strategic focus moving forward. On the eve of the Congress, TAC held an event to celebrate the struggles and battles that have been won over the past decade. As part of the celebration, TAC launched its soon to be published book: ‘Fighting for our lives: The history of the Treatment Action Campaign 1998 – 2010’. We also aired a 20 minute sneak preview of a film of the history of TAC that is under production by Community Media Trust.

Reject Abahlali baseMjondolo's call for violence and chaos! Masingavumeli ikhwelo laBahlali baseMjondolo lokuthi kubekho ungaziphathi kakuhle ekuhlaleni!

COSATU Khayelitsha, The Treatment Action Campaign, the Social Justice Coalition and Equal Education have for years worked seriously in Khayelitsha and elsewhere. We have never advocated stone-throwing or promoted violence. Our members work patiently, educate themselves and build local leadership to change the system of inequality. We ask all progressive people in churches, clinics, schools, universities, homes, and local organisations (in Khayelitsha and elsewhere) to distance themselves from mindless violence and calls for chaos that harm the poor and working class and their organisations.

(Xhosa version also available)

Zille should look closer to home


(Reprinted for fair use) From:


Western Cape Premier Helen Zille says a Human Rights Commission investigation into violence at Hout Bay's Hangberg settlement, and its adverse ruling in the "toilets without walls" saga, are evidence the body is being used as a "political hit squad" against her, just as Ebrahim Rasool's illegal Erasmus commission of inquiry was.

It is a serious allegation against a crucial democratic institution.

Why it is important for Africa and China that Human Rights Activist Liu Xiabo won the Nobel Peace Prize

Liu Xiabo is Chinese human rights campaigner, a poet and a literary critic. He is one of the authors of Charter 08, a petition calling for freedom, equality, democracy and constitutional rule in China, including a new constitution, an independent judiciary, the election of public officials and a guarantee of human rights. He is currently serving an 11 year prison term for “inciting subversion of state power” because of his role in Charter 08 and for other documents he has written in the campaign for human rights in China.The award of the Nobel Prize for Peace for 2010 to Liu Xiabo is a small but important step in the struggle for human rights in China.

Rich donors have failed the Global Fund: Lives will unnecessarily be lost

Tuesday, October 5, 2010 (New York City, USA)-- The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) today said the funding shortfall from donors to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria at this week´s Replenishment meeting taking place in New York means lives will be lost in countries like South Africa and has pledged to scale up its Resources for Health campaign. TAC’s campaign is calling on all countries – rich and poor – to devote the necessary political attention and financial resources to health, and holds governments accountable for the promises they have made.

TAC District Newsletters - Quarter 2


Click here to see district newsletters for the period June - August 2010 


TAC and partners are participating in the global week of action, calling on governments to ensure full replenishment of the global fund. For more details on the global week of action, go to

In Pretoria, we will be targeting the Italian Embassy. Picketers will gather at 796 George Avenue, Arcadia at 10:00 AM. We expect to deliver the memorandum at 1:00 PM.

In Cape Town, we will be targeting the German Embassy. Picketers will gather at the German Embassy at Safamarine House, 22 Riebeek Street at 10:00 AM. We expect to hand over the memorandum at 11:30 AM.

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