Medicine Pricing Regulations

Medicine Pricing Regulations

The TAC application in the Constitutional Court incorporates all the papers filed in the Supreme Court of Appeal, with the exception of the heads of argument.
We are awaiting the directions of the Chief Justice as to whether we are admitted as amicus curiae and, if so, whether we will be permitted to make oral submissions at the hearing of the matter on 15/16 March 2005.

Notice of Motion

Founding affidavit of Zackie Achmat (includes annexures AA1 and AA2)

Affidavit of Andy Gray

Affidavit of Jonathan Berger

Heads of Argument in the Constitutional Court

Heads of Argument in the Supreme Court of Appeal

Minister of Health and the Pharmacists - An Updated Fact Sheet on the Medicines Act and the Pricing Regulations

* TAC's founding affidavit (16 June 2004) * State's answering affidavit * Ray Mabope's answering affidavit on behalf of the state * TAC's replying affidavit (12 October 2004)