Treatment Literacy

TAC booklet -- HIV In Our Lives - worksheets

See the new (28-7-2005) posters on:

See all seven Opportunistic Infections Posters in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Sotho and Tswana!

TAC releases new and better nutrition fact sheet!

Nutrition Fact Sheet: Two-page doc on the basics of healthy eating for people living with HIV/Aids: "Eating right helps the body resist sickness."

HIV Clinicians Society Guidelines on ARV Treatment

A Guide to Treating Opportunistic Infections for People with HIV/AIDS(PDF Format: 2444 Kb) Issued by TAC, July 2001 (This guide has been written for people with HIV/AIDS.) (It's a large file, download the individual pages here)

Pregnancy and HIV/AIDS: A Practical Guide (RTF format -- typesetting incomplete) Issued by TAC, July 2001 (This guide is especially useful for pregnant mothers and treatment literacy work.)

Mother-to-Child-Transmission of HIV: A Guide for Health Workers and HIV/AIDS Trainers (RTF format -- typesetting incomplete) Issued by TAC, July 2001 (This guide examines the scientific aspects of mother-to-child transmission prevention.)


Mother-to-Child-Transmission Prevention Pamphlet Issued by TAC, 5 August, 2000

An information leaflet on HIV/AIDS Treatment : Issued by the Treatment Action Campaign, 1999 

HIV/AIDS Primary Care Clinical Guidelines Cape Metropolitan Area Written by Dr. Beth Harley

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