Defiance Campaign

Petition to Pfizer

Mr Barry Smith, CEO
PFIZER South Africa
PO Box 783720, Sandton
Johannesburg, 2146

Fax: 011 884 8409

Dear Sir

As you know, HIV/AIDS is a major problem in our country and in Southern Africa. Your company sells the drug Diflucan (Fluconazole) – a life-saving drug that also improves the quality of life for people with AIDS. This drug is used to treat cryptoccal meningitis and systemic thrush. People with AIDS die if they cannot get access to it.

Diflucan sells at R150.00 for one 200mg capsule in the private sector and the public sector buys it at R58.00 from your company.

Many people cannot afford to buy the drug in the private sector. Some public sector hospitals do not provide it any longer because the system is over-burdened and cannot afford the price your company charges.

We have learnt that in India where Diflucan is not patented, a generic version sells at R7.00 per 200mg capsule and in Thailand for less than R3.00 per 200mg capsule.

We urge you to decrease your price to less than R3.00 per 200mg capsule as requested by the Treatment Action Campaign. This will save many lives. A reduction such as this will show people that Pfizer is prepared to consider life before excessive profit.

Yours faithfully,





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